“So this is LOVE… This is what makes life divine.”

Why is love the most beautiful thing that has ever graced this earth? Maybe it’s the butterflies we get that completely change our day-to-day lives. Maybe it’s just the human need for companionship. Or, maybe, it’s the realization that there is room for some type of fairytale in our lives. No, life is not an easy ride after you find love. But, with true love, even life’s greatest trials are met with a greater perspective on what matters most. This fairytale love perfectly describes Parker & Sara’s genuine feelings for each other. Even without the delicious food, gorgeous decorations, and breathtaking wedding dress, this special day was already incredibly beautiful simply due to the lasting love of the newlyweds.


Sara put her fairytale into context by making this the theme of her beautiful day. Everything was classy, elegant, and stunning. Her decorations integrated the theme with classic storybooks, glass slippers, and beautiful arrangements of blue and orange-peach.  We asked Sara how she received her inspiration, in which she replied:  “I used to work for Disney and it’s still a big part of my life. I didn’t want it to overwhelm the occasion so I thought a few Disney things would be nice to include. We went for a romantic and lighthearted tone for our wedding, which I think really came through with the decor. All of our vendors were absolutely fantastic and we could not have done it without Brooke from Each and Every Detail.”


Sara’s bright personality lit up The Springs, and her gorgeous dress stole the attention of the whole day. Her handsome groom could not have been a happier man. The look in his eye expressed his love for Sara even more than his tender vows, which were incredibly beautiful and heartfelt. As Parker held Sara and made her his wife, the look in her face let everybody know she had just married her very own Prince Charming. Truly a beautiful day at The Springs.


After the touching and beautiful ceremony, Parker & Sara’s guests had an awesome party. Everyone was up and dancing, and the couple looked like they were having the time of their lives. The guests had the greatest time celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.! We couldn’t have felt more privileged to be part of such a special wedding day.


We wish Parker & Sara the greatest adventures as their fairytale continues! May we all find the love that you two share, as it truly does make life divine.

Make sure to check out the gorgeous pictures below from Azure Photography, as well as Parker & Sara’s wedding video from Nice Shot Films.

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