You may have heard our slogan many times:  a rustic, elegant wedding venue.  But let’s be honest, rustic has become a pretty broad term nowadays.  How are you to know what “rustic” really means?

If the wedding you’re at follows these three steps, it is a rustic wedding:

1.  Incorporation of Nature

A rustic wedding always incorporates nature–outdoor venues are commonly used for rustic weddings, as well as wooden details and greenery arrangements.

rustic wedding
Cakes by Baytown Cakes–Photo Credit:  Dozier DesignTHE SPRINGS in Angleton, Magnolia Manor
rustic wedding
THE SPRINGS in Denton–Photo Credit: Shay and Olive Photography

2.  A “Casual” Feel

rustic wedding
THE SPRINGS in Georgetown–Photo Credit: Amber Kelley Photography

Many wedding experts describe “rustic” as a “country” style–I think that is false.  Yes, a country wedding of course encompasses the rustic-feel, but so can a laid-back vintage or bohemian wedding.  A “casual” wedding does not mean your wedding is not elegant or classy–it just means the feel is not a black tie affair.  As the years go on, weddings with a casual, comfortable feel are becoming more and more popular–especially in the south.

rustic wedding
THE SPRINGS in Weatherford–Photo Credit: Wiler Photography

3.  Simple Decor

rustic wedding
THE SPRINGS in Rockwall–Photo Credit: Epic Photography

Simple decor is a very broad term, but it simply means nothing extravagant.  A rustic wedding has a “down-to-earth” feel–so if you’re a country girl, use boots and burlap.  If you love the vintage look, use old antiques.  If you love the bohemian look, use simple flower arrangements.  All of these different pieces of decor and styles can be categorized under the word “rustic.”

rustic wedding
THE SPRINGS in Rockwall–Photo Credit: Jillian Zamora Photography
rustic wedding
Source: Bochic Weddings and Events

So if “country” is not your style, your wedding can still be “rustic”–what style of wedding are you going to have?  Let us know in the comments below.

Happy wedding planning!


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