Everyone loves to talk about beautiful dresses, delectable cakes and stunning floral arrangements, but no one – we repeat – no one likes talking about how much everything is going to cost.

And those are just the costs that you without a doubt know about! Keep in mind that there are plenty of not-so-obvious factors that you probably aren’t even thinking about during the planning process.

Rather than allowing those hidden costs to send you into a panic attack later down the road, why not make sure that you’re aware of them right from the get-go:

Don’t Forget These Things When Setting Your Wedding Budget

Feeding Your Vendors

In reality, there are very few couples out there who realize that they have to ensure that their vendors are properly fed on the day of their wedding. That means that on top of your guest list, you’ll need to budget for your photographer, videographer, DJ, wedding planner and any assistants they bring along. They don’t have to eat the same expensive plated meal as your guests, but remember that they are often working 12+ hours straight to make this day magical for you.

Tax and Gratuity

The goods and services that you are purchasing for your wedding are pretty expensive, which means the tax is going to be pretty hefty. Make sure you look over each vendor contract with a magnifying glass so that you are aware of each and every penny that you will owe. As far as the tip goes, Real Simple has a pretty great outline of what’s acceptable for each vendor. Check it out.


No, we’re not talking about the ones you will be receiving at your bridal shower. We mean the ones that you will be giving. Aside from the wedding favors that each of your guests should go home with, it’s traditional for couples to give extra appreciation for those who supported them most. Amongst those who top this list are the members of your bridal party, your parents and of course, each other! You’d be shocked to learn how many grooms don’t realize that they’re expected to give their lady a gift on the morning of their wedding!

Even though these seem like small points, trust us when we say that it all adds up in the end! Prepare yourself!

Past brides and grooms – we want to hear from you!

Was there one wedding day cost that completely floored you when you were tying the knot? Let us know in the comments section below!

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