After winning the Spring Events’ Great Wedding Giveaway, we were so enthused and called all of our family to tell them the great news.

We also thanked all of them for their support. About 2 weeks later, it hit us both that we had to start planning.

First thing I did was create a wedding binder with tables to separate flyers from vendors that we might have met at a wedding show, any ideas that we choose, such as colors and linen, guest lists, and a place to file our contracts that we sign with the vendors.Words from our Great Wedding Giveaway Winner | Hidden Springs

Next thing I did was visit The Spring Events website and print out my “Twelve Month Wedding Prep Checklist” and placed it at the very front of the binder. We knew that having a checklist would help us stay on task and make sure we don’t leave anything out. We had already picked out date to be September 5, 2015 so have a little over a year to plan.

We soon discovered the popular wedding planning sites, such as and On those two sites we were able to look up vendors in the surrounding area and see their reviews from past customers, look up design ideas, and view other weddings. The next big question that we were still stuck on was, “So which The Spring Events venue do we choose?”


It was a difficult task at first picking which The Spring Events location to have our wedding. Despite living in Houston, Texas, we knew that we were going to have our wedding in the Dallas area (where all of Roderick’s’ family resides) or in the Austin (where six for my family members reside). The Spring Events venues in both cities were perfect for our wedding and were in great locations with awesome views. The main question at hand was, is my family going to drive to Dallas or is Roderick’s family going to drive to Austin? One family would have to get a hotel and drive four hours and the other family would have to convenience of going to their home.

We are a couple that is really big on compromise so we wrote down the pros and cons of having our wedding in either location.

We came to the conclusion that it would be best for my family to travel to the Dallas area. Why Dallas, you ask? Well, this is what we analyzed:

Most, if not all of Roderick’s family lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Since I am originally from New York, I have six family members that will be travelling from Austin and the rest will fly in from the east coast. Since my family will be travelling from out of state, and I will be more likely to have less family there (since Roderick has such a large family), we felt it would be more beneficial to provide financial assistance in travel for my family that would be travelling the furthest from out of state. In addition, it would be better financially for us to assist my out of state family and my six family members in Austin with travel, rather than assisting 35+ family members travelling from Fort Worth.

There are three The Spring Events venues surrounding the Dallas area; Heritage Spring, Hidden Springs, and Poetry Springs. It was a tough decision but we chose Hidden Spring Events in Aubrey, Texas. We had previously only seen this venue online but when we finally saw this venue in person we were blown away…

The location, the view, the vibe, the atmosphere were all perfect. Not to leave out the wonder staff that greeting us at the office. Kathy is a pleasure to work with and has been extremely helpful with any questions that we might have and wedding ideas. We are thrilled to have our wedding with The Spring Events and we know our family will be just as excited.

Next step in planning is picking the vendors!

Written by THE SPRINGS


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