Summer Weddings: Keep Guests Cool

Summers can be super hot, we all know that. During the summer it’s hard not to sweat just by stepping outside! Did you know that June & August are some of the more popular months to get married? And having a wedding during those months- it can be a challenge to keep guests cool under all that heat. Thankfully we have a few ways to try & help prevent that.

Summer Weddings- Keeping Guests Cool
THE SPRINGS in Lake Conroe | Alex White Photography

1. Have an Inside Wedding

Most people shrug away the thought of an inside wedding simply because, well, the outdoors are beautiful. However, inside weddings can prove to be just as wonderful & can feel more intimate. Having an outside wedding can be tricky anyway- weather is unpredictable, tent’s are expensive, and some venues require a rainy day fee. By getting married inside, you have your rainy day plan in place & you keep you & your guests cool in the process. It’s a win-win!


Keep guests cool by having an inside wedding
THE SPRINGS in McKinney | Wood’s Wedding Photography


Keep guests cool by having an inside wedding
THE SPRINGS in The Woodlands | Tayler Aubin Photography


*The rest of these ideas are based on the fact that like me, you’re stubborn and are determined to have an outside wedding*


2. Allow Guests to Wait Inside Before the Ceremony

It’s common to want your guests to wait outside in their seats before the ceremony. Some reasons being that maybe you want the decorations to be a surprise, or you don’t want anyone messing up any of the decor. That’s totally normal- but if you’re having an outside wedding during the summer, your guests are gonna sweat. Most weddings start late & if your guests are sitting outside for an hour after the ceremony was supposed to have started (yes, I’ve seen that happen once or twice) they’re not going to be happy. Let them wait inside & have your DJ make an announcement for guests to take their seats outside, whenever it’s time for the ceremony to start.

3. Give Your Guests Water Bottles

This is a super popular idea- I can’t tell you how many couples have done this at their wedding. Plus you could have a little fun with it & personalize the labels! Most couples will place a bin outside on the way to the seats, filled with water bottles on ice, so that guests can take one as they find a place to sit. I’ve mainly seen those half bottles- probably because they’re cheaper & if you have a ton of guests, this can be an expensive endeavor. Nonetheless, it’s a great idea & for those hot summer weddings, this will help keep your guests cool.

Keep guests cool with water bottles
THE SPRINGS in Lake Conroe | Alex White Photography


4. Programs That Double as Fans

Programs are not a necessity at weddings, but if you plan on having them as well as an outside wedding, your guests can keep cool by using these as fans. This means that the paper for your programs need to be a little on the thick side- or you could go one step further & actually have programs in the shape of those cool slide-out fan things. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a picture of that specific one in our database, but I can assure you that yes, it’s a thing.

Keep Guests Cool with Programs
THE SPRINGS in Lake Conroe | Alex White Photography


5. Have Cocktail Hour Inside

Some couples love having cocktail hour outside & why not? Nature is beautiful & so is the venue you’re getting married at (especially if it’s at THE SPRINGS ?). But underneath those summer skies, cocktail hour outside may not be such a good idea. By having the cocktail hour inside you’re preparing your guests for the grand entrance made by you & your new spouse. They can also get acquainted with other guests as well as their seats- if a seating chart is present. This is also their time to look around the venue, see decorations & pictures that you’ve put up, & really take in the wedding experience.

6. Have Your Wedding Later in the Evening

Nighttime weddings are great & the pictures look fabulous! Can you imagine saying “I do” while the sunset is painting the sky? This also keeps you & your guests cool by not having the sun blazing down on everyone. After cocktail hour, dinner & toasts, pictures are especially great at this time. The sun has set & your photographer can have a little fun with nighttime photos. For instance, this is one of my most favorite wedding photos ever (it was also taken at THE SPRINGS venue that I used to work at so I’m a little biased):

Keep Guests Cool with nighttime ceremonies
THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels | Limelight Photography



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Written by Ellis Smith

Ellis enjoys her role with social media & marketing for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the event host at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has seen hundreds of weddings.

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