Time to Invite: Words from our 2014 Great Wedding Giveaway Winner

If you are planning your wedding a year or six months ahead of your wedding date, I would recommend sending out save the dates. I know sometimes life can get hectic for everyone, so letting your guests know early what the time the date of your wedding will be will Continue Reading

Vendor Bender: How to Pick YOUR Wedding Vendors… Words from our Great Wedding Giveaway Winner

Great Wedding Giveaway Winners | Jewel and Roderick

Throughout planning, Roderick and I have been to about 4-6 bridal shows. Yes I said “we” have been. Most people who go to bridal shows think it’s just for the wedding party and the bride. Not all of the time! As a guy, at first Roderick was pretty opposed to Continue Reading

And The Planning Has Begun… Words from our Great Wedding Giveaway Winner [Guest Post]

Great Wedding Giveaway

After winning the Spring Events’ Great Wedding Giveaway, we were so enthused and called all of our family to tell them the great news. We also thanked all of them for their support. About 2 weeks later, it hit us both that we had to start planning. First thing I Continue Reading