The 10 COOLEST Wedding things on the Internet

10 helpful websites for planning your event at The Springs Events

Every year, we see over one thousand weddings at our venues. We blog about them, post pictures & videos on our social media platforms and listen to our brides about cool tips they’ve discovered through the planning process. I’ve been making a list of these cool tips for almost half Continue Reading

Guide | Indoor Wedding Ceremony 101

This post is for you if… You are engaged!  You are searching for an outdoor wedding venue, but want to make sure that the one you pick has a great inclement weather plan. You are planning an indoor ceremony and want to see what it looks like with various guest Continue Reading

Top Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony Processional [Playlist]

Wedding Processional Music | The Springs Events

These days, it has become more and more common for couples to veer away from the traditional Wedding March when choosing a song for their wedding ceremony processional. We’re all about customization and planning a wedding that is truly your own, so we couldn’t be more thrilled about this! The Continue Reading

Tying the Knot Before The Wedding Ceremony

Legally marrying before the official wedding ceremony is becoming common practice among many couples recently. For these eager couples, the benefits of marriage simply can’t wait until the big day. From insurance benefits to season football tickets, the reasons for making it legal early are unlimited. What exactly does it Continue Reading

Should You Have a First Look before the Wedding Ceremony?

Should You Have a First Look before the Wedding Ceremony? | Brazos Springs

While it may seem like just about every couple is taking time out before the actual wedding ceremony to do the “first look,” that may not actually be true. Though we are seeing an a ton of these photos on wedding blogs and Pinterest feeds these days, according to, Continue Reading

This Bride’s Walk Down the Aisle is Like No Other [Video]

When it comes to your actual wedding day, there’s nothing more monumental than that moment when the bride makes her way down the aisle towards her husband-to-be, just minutes away from saying “I do” and officially becoming a wife. While some may choose to stick to tradition and walk to Continue Reading