PRO Tips | Why choose a non-Saturday Wedding?

A non-Saturday wedding.  Is that really a “thing”? Have you ever considered getting married on any other day except Saturday? How about a Friday or a Sunday?  Or, even a weekday? Is it “normal” to get married on any other day of the week except Saturday? YES. For today’s blog, we’re Continue Reading

Top 10 Blogs of All-Time

The Springs Events most popular blog posts

THE SPRINGS started a Wedding Inspiration Blog in June 2013. It’s been 32 months since we started publishing articles for not only THE SPRINGS brides, but all brides, no matter their venue of choice. We have tips for Wedding Planning, Real Springs Weddings, Advice & Interviews with other Wedding Professionals. Continue Reading

Wedding dates based on how they sound

As I was reading through some comments on a wedding blog post the other day, I noticed a trend. There were an overwhelming amount of brides who were talking about the sound of their wedding date. It’s not something I had ever thought about before. Your wedding date is something Continue Reading