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how to know your wedding venue is the one

Venue Tours: How To Know Your Wedding Venue is “THE ONE”

August 16, 2017

So, you’ve found T H E  O N E. There’s no better feeling in the world!!! You know, that feeling when your heart is constantly fluttering and you can’t wait till the next time you see him//her? Now . . . Imagine that feeling with your wedding venue. Seriously! Choosing a wedding venue is a […]

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pre-wedding bridesmaid attire

Attire For Your Bridesmaids–BEFORE The Dress

March 4, 2017

We all know picking out what your bridesmaids are going to wear on your big day is a huge deal–but have you thought about what they are going to wear while getting ready? I know, I know–more wedding details, right?  However, I promise you won’t regret planning your bridesmaids’ pre-wedding attire–just take a look at some […]

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What Really Is A Rustic Wedding?

November 23, 2016

You may have heard our slogan many times:  a rustic, elegant wedding venue.  But let’s be honest, rustic has become a pretty broad term nowadays.  How are you to know what “rustic” really means? If the wedding you’re at follows these three steps, it is a rustic wedding: 1.  Incorporation of Nature A rustic wedding always […]

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Flower girl dress

Flower Girl Dresses: The Ultimate Guide

November 15, 2016

Everyone wants their flower girl to look as cute as ever on their special day–but there are so many flower girl dress styles to choose from! That’s why I made this ultimate guide.  Enjoy! LACE TULLE COUNTRY ELEGANT VINTAGE BOHEMIAN CHIC SIMPLE EXTRAVAGANT LONG SLEEVE WINTER BEACH BOWS PRINCESS Which dress style is your favorite? […]

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Thanksgiving-themed wedding

How to Have a Thanksgiving-Themed Wedding

November 11, 2016

My favorite time of fall is definitely Thanksgiving–beautiful colors, crisp air, and cozy atmospheres.  It got me to thinking–how beautiful would a Thanksgiving-themed wedding be? I started to look on Pinterest, and I found the best ideas!  Take a look at how amazing (and tasty) a Thanksgiving-themed wedding could be. THE DECOR Fallen in love already? […]

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Thank You Card Guide

November 8, 2016

You never realize how generous and selfless people are until you get married. When I got married, I was unprepared for how much support we were going to receive from family, friends, and even our parent’s friends that we didn’t even know that well!  It was a very humbling experience. With all of those gifts, […]

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Our Favorite Bouquets

November 7, 2016

You think scrolling through Pinterest is fun–imagine working for a wedding venue! We see so many amazing weddings and details.  One of my favorite details is always the bouquet.  Check out just a few of our favorites! 1.  White Beauty Such a gorgeous bouquet–sometimes it’s just the simple things, you know?  However, I also love her slight pop […]

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wedding arch

Wedding Arch Ideas

November 1, 2016

Did you know one of the most significant symbols of your wedding ceremony is the wedding arch? This beautiful piece is not just more space for decorating–it actually represents the future home you and your groom will start your family in. Because it is such an important feature of your wedding ceremony, we have compiled […]

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wedding traditions

The WHY Behind Wedding Traditions

October 27, 2016

Wedding planning is–for lack of a better word–intense. Why?  Because there are so many essential details that go into a wedding.  Getting the perfect white dress, a garter, picking the most gorgeous bouquet, adding that stunning veil, and orchestrating the details of the bridesmaids//groomsmen, plus more.  Our time and effort is dedicated to these details during those […]

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first dance songs

BEST First Dance Songs

October 26, 2016

Okay, we all know picking your first dance song can be really tough–especially if maybe you and your sweetheart’s song isn’t first dance material.  For example, my best friend said her and her fiance loved listening to blink-182, and it was kind of their “thing,” but she didn’t think slow dancing to it would work […]

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