Should I Rent or Buy Linens? | Wedding Advice

rent or buy linens

Disclaimer:  There’s no wrong way to wedding.  Should you rent or buy linens?  Well, it’s up to you, of course!  In general, advice blogs from wedding pros that tell brides how they should “wedding” turn me off.  Take this as it is, an opinion from a former venue manager with no skin in Continue Reading

Quiz! Which Wedding Registries are Perfect For You?

With all of the registry possibilities out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? Let’s start with a little quiz.  Write down your answers somewhere, or remember them with your “wedding planning” super powers. Don’t worry, there are only a few questions. 1. After getting Continue Reading

How to Have a Gorgeous Indoor Wedding

Indoor lighting wedding photography

Have you ever considered holding your whole wedding indoors? Many brides initially dream of outdoor weddings, but this couple went against the norm–and it was absolutely gorgeous. With the right venue, the right vendors, and the right decor, you can make an indoor wedding unique, stunning, and unforgettable.  Just follow Continue Reading

Make It YOUR Day–How To Personalize A Wedding

black & white wedding

With so many trends and “What To Do’s,” how do you make your wedding personal & unique? Our riveting & gorgeous bride Rhea tells all on how it worked from her perspective. Daniel & Rhea’s guests at their wedding at THE SPRINGS continually commented, “The wedding is so YOU!” First Tip: Continue Reading

Do’s & Don’t’s of a Family-Oriented Wedding… from a REAL Bride

bridal room prep time

One of the biggest family gatherings of your whole life is, of course, your wedding.  When you hear that, are you thinking GOOD NEWS, or BAD NEWS? The answer to this question can be different for everybody, but our bride Ashley makes it known that this aspect of a wedding should Continue Reading

Top 10 Blogs of All-Time

The Springs Events most popular blog posts

THE SPRINGS started a Wedding Inspiration Blog in June 2013. It’s been 32 months since we started publishing articles for not only THE SPRINGS brides, but all brides, no matter their venue of choice. We have tips for Wedding Planning, Real Springs Weddings, Advice & Interviews with other Wedding Professionals. Continue Reading

Savvy Bride Secret | Homemade Wedding Decor on Amazon

You’ve probably heard about Pinterest. And, you’ve probably heard about Etsy. But, did you know… Amazon now has a new department called “Handmade” ?  They’re not paying me to tell you about it (but if they want to, I’m okay with that), I just thought brides should know about this Continue Reading