With all of the registry possibilities out there, how do you know which one is the best for you?

wedding registry

Let’s start with a little quiz.  Write down your answers somewhere, or remember them with your “wedding planning” super powers.

Don’t worry, there are only a few questions.

1. After getting married, what you look forward to the MOST is:

A.  Settling down in your cozy new home with your spouse, and all of your new home decor.

B.  Traveling the world with your spouse.

C.  Whipping up amazing meals with your brand new, state-of-the-art, kitchen utensils & appliances.

D.  Enjoying all of your new gadgets with your spouse (new T.V., XBOX, speakers, computer, etc.)

2. The word/phrase that describes you MOST is:

A.  Organized

B.  Adventurous

C.  Creative

D.  A Gamer/Netflix Binger

3. Your idea of a perfect night with your spouse would be:

A.  Curling up on the couch for a cozy movie night.

B.  Going to a restaurant with exotic food from around the world.

C.  Making a romantic, candlelight dinner for your spouse.

D.  Playing video games side by side and watching a whole season of you and your spouse’s favorite t.v. show.

4. The ice cream you love the most is:

A.  Classic vanilla.

B.  Gelato.

C.  Homemade strawberry.

D.  Um, can I say all of the above and more?

5. When I receive a present, I get the most excited about:

A.  A good-sized box wrapped with a pretty bow.

B.  An envelope (cha-ching).

C.  A small envelope, or small gift bag.

D.  A shipment on your doorstep.

6.  The answer that describes your wedding (or ideal wedding) best is:

A.  A traditional wedding near your hometown.

B.  A wedding close to home, but with a theme that makes you feel like you are in a different time or place.

C.  A wedding that is near your hometown but is all dolled up and the decor makes it unlike any other wedding you’ve been to.

D.  A destination wedding in another state.

Okay, are you ready for your results?

wedding registry
Photo credit to Timeless Keepsake Photography.  See the real wedding here.

Remember, it is totally normal if you tied with two letters, or if you got a mix of everything.  That just means you should register at more than one place!

wedding colors
THE SPRINGS location: Rockwall

If you answered mostly A’s, your perfect wedding registry is with MACY’S.

wedding registry

Ahh, Macy’s!  The classic wedding registry that has never failed anyone.  This registry is perfect for the side of your personality that longs for a cute & clean home that could be found on Pinterest.  If you love to be organized and you love the idea of a cozy home with your man, than this is the place you definitely want to be registered at.  Not only do you get what you want for your home, but you get expensive and fancy merchandise that will be useful for years.  Paulina Romero, one of our TSE brides, said she registered with Macy’s for the “higher-end items that are recommended for the registry.”  Most other brides described this registry as the “traditional” location that guests are used to buying their gifts at.  You simply just cannot go wrong with Macy’s!

If you answered mostly B’s, your perfect wedding registry is with HONEYFUND.

wedding registry

So you want to travel the world?  No need to register for towels and home decor!  Ask your guests to give the gift of life long memories.  Honeyfund is a website where you can ask guests to donate money towards your dream honeymoon rather than buying you gifts.  The Honeyfund URL can even be added to your wedding website, or given as an insert in your invitations.  TSE bride, Melanie Rose Gomez, explains more:

Honeyfund is super easy to set up. I looked on other similar sites, but this one was the most user-friendly, cheap, and positively reviewed overall. You are able to list wedding information on there as well, and they give you a print-out insert for invites just in case you don’t have a wedding website. Guests can also print out a certificate if they just want to hand you the cash or check, and not purchase through credit card.

Other websites that work as “honeymoon funds” include Wanderable, GoFundMe, and even Disney Honeymoons.

Oh, and one more perfectly said reason why you should register through Honeyfund (quote from Katrina Williams):

We are praying people bless us with a honeymoon before they bless us with towels that are the wrong color.

If you answered mostly C’s, your perfect wedding registry is with BED, BATH, AND BEYOND and TARGET.

wedding registrywedding registry


Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target are perfect for kitchen utensils, gift cards, and truly any of your simple home needs.  TSE Brides recommend Bed, Bath, and Beyond more than any registry because of all the useful items they carry.  Katy Lanier said that BBB has a “wide selection of kitchen tools and appliances” while Krista Grochowski added, “it has everything with lots of variety.”  Target is also a great option because they have cute, fashionable items that make your home feel complete.  Not to mention left over gift card money at Target can be used for groceries!  (SCORE).

If you answered mostly D’s, your perfect wedding registry is with AMAZON and BEST BUY.

wedding registrywedding registry

Yep.  You’re the millennial who loves to get things delivered right to your doorstep–but not just any “things,” things that are new, fun, and things you can enjoy with your new hubby.  Gotta have some room on the registry for him!  TSE bride Briana Hauff mentioned that Amazon is the perfect registry for her:

Amazon is amazing. You can register for literally anything, the prices are great and so many people have Prime so they get free 2 day shipping!

Additionally, Amazon is the perfect registry for you if you are having a destination wedding.  Make it easier for you and your guests with some online shopping!

Best Buy is for the bride who likes to incorporate her groom’s wants into wedding planning.  We can bet that he would be thrilled to get something other than bowls and cookie sheets!

Which registry matches your personality the best?  Share your answers on Facebook, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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