THE SPRINGS started a Wedding Inspiration Blog in June 2013.

It’s been 32 months since we started publishing articles for not only THE SPRINGS brides, but all brides, no matter their venue of choice.

We have tips for Wedding Planning, Real Springs Weddings, Advice & Interviews with other Wedding Professionals.

We write it like we’d like to read it.

From real people to real people.

We’ll do another post with the Top Real Springs Weddings, but this is about the content posts… the advice, tips, and planning guides.

The Springs Events most popular blog posts

Here’s our 10 most popular Blog Posts, enjoy!

10.  Should the Bride pay for Hair & Makeup?

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Should the bride pay for hair & makeup
The Adams Wedding | THE SPRINGS in North Dallas | Photo by NG Photography

Some etiquette advice about who should pay for the bridal party hair & makeup.

It depends, and the best thing to do is communicate with your bridesmaids

9.  Guide:  Indoor Wedding Ceremonies

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Indoor Wedding Ceremony
Indoor Wedding Ceremony | THE SPRINGS in NW San Antonio | Photo by Limelight San Antonio

THE SPRINGS is known for their outdoor wedding ceremonies.

We have gorgeous wood & stone pavilions for the exchange of vows and beautifully landscaped grounds for a manicured backdrop for the day.

But what happens when the weather turns sour?

That’s also where having an AWESOME inclement weather plan comes into play.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to plan the perfect indoor ceremony.

It also has 50+ real photos of actual indoor weddings with varying guest count sizes to get ideas!

8.  Top 10 Photos at THE SPRINGS

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Top 10 Photos at The Springs Venue

It was harder than originally thought to narrow it down to just 10.

Without sounding “braggy” there’s just too much pretty at THE SPRINGS to cover it all and we wound up with 18 images.

You’ll have to check it out to see if your venue made the list.

7.  The Groom’s Playbook

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Groom at The Springs Venue
Our groom, Colby, at THE SPRINGS in NE Dallas | Photo by Jennefer Wilson Photography

A complete guide for the Groom in football terminology.

This was a fun infographic to put together!

The post highlights how to navigate the planning, wedding day, & honeymoon like a champ.

6.  Wedding Exits & Sendoffs

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GRAND EXITS & Toss Item Ideas for the wedding send off

This blog had a list of 13 toss items for the Grand Exit at your wedding send off.

It also featured our favorite wedding exit photos to get an idea what each item looked like!

Grand Exit Items

5.  Wedding Venue Fees

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Secret Wedding Venue Fees that affect your budget

This post was full of tips from former venue manager.

After a couple’s engagement, the next handful of steps relate to budgeting & choosing the venue.

So many of your wedding planning decisions will be affected by the venue that you choose.

4.  The Top 5 Misinterpreted Wedding Songs

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Misinterpreted Love Songs for Weddings
THE SPRINGS in NW Houston | Photo by Chris & Arlina

Sometimes, what sounds like a love song is really a song about stalkers.  (Think: Every Breath You Take by The Police)

Sure, it may sound pretty.

But what message are you trying to send?

Always listen to the lyrics before adding to the playlist.

Or worse, hosting your first dance to a song that’s actually about breakups.  (Like, I Will Always Love You, by Whitney Houston)

3.  Five of the Best Create-Your-Own Wedding Websites

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Wedding Websites help your guests with the logistics
THE SPRINGS in NE San Antonio | Photo by Forever Bliss Photography

One of the smartest & savviest wedding planning to-do’s for a bride is to build a wedding website.

Include all the logistics, including your registry, maps to the venue, and the schedule of events.

Introduce your bridal party & share your engagement story with your guests to help them feel included.

But where to get started?  Building a website on one of these five platforms is easy.

This post was written by Wedding Favours Delight and we shared it as one of our original posts in 2013.

2.  Advice for Outdoor Weddings

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
THE SPRINGS in Tulsa | Photo by Redeemed Productions

Did you know that 43% of US wedding ceremonies take place outdoors?

It’s true & we love a beautiful, picture-perfect outdoor wedding ceremony like everyone else!

And when the weather cooperates, it’s a cinch at The Springs Events because the landscaping & natural backdrop is easy to incorporate into any wedding vision.

We do have tips on how to pull it off and make it look easy.

This post has loads of advice for planning the perfect outdoor ceremony.

1.  Epic Guide:  How to Choose a Wedding Date

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How to choose a wedding date

This is the complete guide to choosing a wedding date, specifically in 2016, 2017, or 2018.

It could apply to any year though because it covers how to prioritize between your schedule, the venue’s schedule and your budget.

That’s right!  Many couples don’t realize how much your budget can be affected by your chosen date.

It also goes over unique circumstances to consider such as religious days, work-related issues, and sports & hunting seasons and tons of other items to consider.

A very practical guide to read over before choosing the perfect wedding date.

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