This past November, we were graced with one of the most gorgeous and timeless weddings in Houston.  Crissy + Roly Alvarez not only had a picture-perfect wedding (magazine status), but they completely stole our hearts.  In simpler terms, let’s just say that these two are the definition of relationship goals!

timeless wedding
Photography thanks to Suzy Taylor Photography.

For a little background on the couple…

timeless wedding

Crissy + Roly met at a neutral dinner party.  Crissy’s soon-to-be step mother at the time told her that her nephew’s best friend was a real gentleman, and that she just had to meet him!  The dinner party set-up seemed like a casual way to get the two to meet each other for the first time.  I love what Crissy had to say about the first time she met her future husband:

We didn’t get to talk much that night, but my first impression that he was very handsome, endearing, and a goofball, later proved to be spot on.

timeless wedding

What Crissy didn’t know is that she left a great first impression on Roly as well–he even joined the rec softball team just to get to know her better.

timeless wedding

According to Crissy, it was during this time that the couple first really started getting to know each other:

The first game of the season was also my first game in more than five years, so I was nervous as I went up for my first at-bat. Two balls, a strike, and then BOOM! A hit! Run, Crissy! No, wait! OW! Stop running! Great… I pulled my hammy running to first.

Now what is he going to think?: “What a goober!” Instead, to my delight, it was more “seize the moment to rescue my damsel in distress.” Roly ran out to his truck and grabbed the only thing he could think of to wrap my muscle… a purple bandana with eye holes cut out from his recent Donatello costume. And I thought I was nervous before, but now… I’ve got this tan, hunky Hispanic about to get very intimate with my “glow-in-the-day”-level pale thigh. But like the gentleman my stepmom said he was, Roly respectfully wrapped my leg. After the game, he even asked to take a lady out for dinner and drinks.

Over dinner, conversation was as smooth as the White Russians we drank. We giggled like school children, twinkly-eyed for hours. The “Across the Universe” soundtrack played as he drove me home, and he sealed the deal with the perfect kiss. Cue fireworks… I’m still smitten.

timeless wedding

Let’s be honest–I think we all are smitten!

Well, time passed…  And eventually, Roly decided it was time to marry the girl of his dreams.  Roly had planned to romantically propose to Crissy, but the first two times unfortunate circumstances did not allow his big plan to follow through. (Flooding and a power outage made it so he had to wait for another chance).  Finally, he found the perfect place:  Houston’s famous Water Wall.

timeless wedding
Source: Flickr

Although this Water Wall was supposed to be majestically lit during the proposal, it shut down right at 9 p.m.  All Roly could think was, “Not again!  Are my plans ever going to work out?!”  Crissy’s memory from that night tells the rest of the story best:

This was not acceptable for Roly. My knight in shining armor never skipped a beat, and insisted that it was still going to be a beautiful sight, even without all the jazz. We got to the middle of the fountain and before I knew it, he’s babbling something incredibly sweet that my memory cannot discern through the slow-motion blur of seeing him down on one knee. Obviously I said yes, and of course there were tears streaming down my face: Epic proposal of epic proportions. That’s love.

The Wedding

timeless wedding
Magnolia Manor

How lucky were we that they picked THE SPRINGS as their venue?  In fact, Crissy + Roly chose Magnolia Manor before it was even finished being built.  Below are Crissy’s thoughts on why she chose THE SPRINGS:

We actually booked our venue before it had been built. We knew we loved the location of THE SPRINGS first Angleton venue, and we trusted that the new two-story manor house they were constructing would live up to their promises. And boy, did it! Its grandeur and sprawling oak trees certainly set the tone for our fairytale wedding.

timeless wedding

When Crissy + Roly got to the venue, they definitely made everything look absolutely timeless.  I asked Crissy how she chose her wedding style and colors…

We really wanted a classic color scheme, nothing too trendy. We knew we also wanted to keep a natural, botanical feel. We complemented that with as many raw elements as we could by making all of our own wooden candleholders and by having our ceremony outside. We chose a timeless deep blue contrasted by a series of warm metallics. I didn’t want things to be too matchy, so all of the centerpieces carried the same flowers but varied in size and shape.

timeless weddingtimeless wedding

timeless wedding

timeless wedding

Crissy also received a very special gift on her big day from her father:

timeless wedding

I already had something old and something new. I also had something borrowed, and I had lots of things blue. But what I did not have was a sixpence in my shoe. My father solved that riddle when he presented me with a sweet gift–a 1959 German penny–from the year and country in which he was born. This sentimental gift brought tears to my eyes and will proudly be displayed in our wedding shadowbox!

timeless wedding

timeless wedding

When it was all said and done, Crissy + Roly had an unforgettable wedding day.  Everything turned out to be perfect, just as all of her photos show.  And with all of this, we know Crissy + Roly’s favorite wedding moment will be the memory that lives on forever in their hearts:

We remember planning our wedding: the table settings, color schemes, flowers, bubbles… And we remember the day of: taking photos with our best friends and family, dancing, stuffing our faces with cupcake! But our favorite and most memorable moment was when we stood, seemingly alone with God in His nature, hand in hand, seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing but one another, as we made our vows to be ONE for the rest of our lives.

timeless wedding

Congratulations to a couple we simply adore.  Thank you for sharing your wedding day and forever love with us–your love is definitely timeless!

timeless wedding

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