Let’s face it, planning a wedding is super stressful. There’s just so much that goes into it- and even if you do have a coordinator or planner, there’s still a lot on your part that you have to do.

Thankfully, we’ve put together some ways to help plan & organize your wedding so that you might be able to relax a little.

THE SPRINGS Facebook Group

Ways to Plan/Organize Your Wedding

This is a Facebook group dedicated to SPRINGS’ brides, brides in general, and some people from wedding-related businesses who can comment and help you out with what you need. No one said that you had to plan everything yourself- go ahead and lean on THE SPRINGS, brides, & wedding pros. That’s what we’re here for.

A judgment-free group that’s there for you & your wedding questions?! Where can I sign up?
Simply ask to join and we’ll get right on it.

An Incredibly Detailed 12-Month Wedding Checklist

Ways to Plan/Organize Your Wedding

Detailed is good- especially this detailed checklist. We promise you won’t forget a thing if you use this & even though a 12 month checklist sounds like a lot, trust us, this will help a lot. There’s things in here that you might not have even thought of. Don’t worry though, we got you.

Last, but never least, is Pinterest.

Ways to Plan/Organize Your Wedding

THE SPRINGS’ Pinterest page contains tons of inspiring boards & great examples of past weddings at THE SPRINGS. Pinterest is generally a great way to help you plan for your wedding & other events but it also gives you the past & current trends. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter if you have last year’s top fall theme or a 2015 Alfred Angelo dress.

Weddings are beautiful & exciting no matter your taste, so get out there and start pinning!


We hope this helped & let us know your thoughts.

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Written by Ellis Smith

Ellis enjoys her role with social media & marketing for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the event host at THE SPRINGS in New Braunfels and has seen hundreds of weddings.

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