The Klement wedding was the most unforgettable wedding.

Not only are Allen & Jordyn the perfect couple, but they had every little detail in place for their special day.

Sometimes as a bride the wedding day gets hectic, so make sure you have all of these wedding details ready to go before hand.  You will be happy you did!

All photography thanks to The Wood’s Weddings.

1.  One or More Hairdressers

wedding hairstyles

bridesmaid hair

Not only does the bride need her perfect hair, but the bridesmaids need it as well!  One hairdresser might not even be enough.  Make sure you come prepared!  Wedding day prep is one of the best parts of a bride’s wedding day.  You also want to make sure you get photos like the ones below!

In LOVE with these pre-wedding robes!

wedding hair

2.  Table Centerpieces

Wedding reception inspirationAlthough it seems petty, reception table centerpieces tie all of your wedding decor together.  It is SO important that you pick out a good combination that will tie in all your colors, plus the style of your wedding.  Do not make a last-minute decision on your table centerpieces!  It is smart to take some time and plan this one out.  (PS…  All of Jordyn’s decor is DIY… Can you believe that?!)

wedding decor

3.  A Mr. & Mrs. Table

wedding table for the bride and groom

Not only is it tradition to have a head table with the bride and groom, but it makes for the most adorable pictures!  There is so much you can do to make the table special.  Add extra decor, flowers, signs, etc. to make it stand out, and we promise you will die over the photos your photographer gets!

wedding signMr. and Mrs. head table photo

4.  First Look

wedding first look Jordyn says that this was her favorite moment from the whole wedding day, so it is something you should definitely prepare for.  Think of how you will do it, and when you want to do it.  Jordyn’s memory is priceless:

My favorite part was our first look–we had both gotten ready in time to do a first look a few hours before the ceremony began. He stood outside at the end of the aisle and I walked down to see him for the first time. It was such a sweet and special moment to me, he turned around and was teary-eyed, and told me I looked beautiful. That was really the moment that it hit me for the first time that I was going to be married to this man in a few hours. I thought the first look was special and sweet to be able to see each other before the ceremony, instead of seeing him for the first time walking down the aisle. It was just a moment where we could be together without the pressure of people watching you.

wedding first look

5.  Boutonnieres & Bouquets

groom prepwedding day bouquets

Okay, nobody is probably going to forget these on their wedding day.  But it is so important to put a lot of time into the details of your flowers!  Boutonnieres and bouquets are the dynamic touch to your wedding photos.  Make sure you really consider what you want them to look like!

bouquetsbridal party photo ideas

6.  Special Day Sweets

wedding details

Not only do you have to pick your wedding desserts, but you have to pick how you want to display them.  This one is my favorite because you get to taste-test a lot along the way!

Special day sweets

7.  Songs

First dance songThe songs you dance to at your wedding are important for many reasons.  Of course, your first dance is the song you and your sweetie will always remember.  But your wedding reception dance songs are what your guests will always remember–that means you have to pick songs that will make everyone dance and have a ton of fun!

wedding receptionwedding dance songs

8.  Garter

wedding garter

Too many brides forget about this tiny detail and are scrambling minutes before the garter toss to find something that will work!  Avoid this by picking out a pretty one you really like a couple months before the big day.

9.  Send-Off

wedding send off ideas

Your send-off is the last touch that you can bring to your special day.  It’s what everyone remembers, and it ends your perfect day right.  Make sure you plan what you want to do whether it’s bubbles, glow sticks, or even leaving in an awesome car!

wedding send off car

10.  Venue

wedding venue McKinney TX

Of course you cannot leave out the wedding venue.  Do not book a venue you are not in love with!  We loved Jordyn’s experience with THE SPRINGS:

We had done a lot of research on venues, looking for the perfect place. We chose THE SPRINGS for many great reasons! It was close enough for all of our family and friends, the price was a steal, and the quality of the venue was indescribable! We had our hearts set on an outdoor wedding, and THE SPRINGS provided a beautiful outdoor ceremony, with the indoor reception conveniently in the same place. The great thing was that it provided a Plan B option, in case the wedding had to be moved inside. The weather was a bit rainy and way too windy for us to do the wedding outside, and at first we were disappointed that it had to be brought inside, but it was comforting knowing we had a back up plan. Cheri and Lana (the managers at the McKinney location) worked so well with us to make the move inside easy and stress-free. They helped me rearrange the floor plan to best accommodate for the dance floor, as well as tables and the chairs for the ceremony. It ended up being beautiful inside, and at the end of the day I married the man of my dreams, so inside or outside didn’t matter to me anymore!
Overall, we were so impressed with the venue and couldn’t picture a better place to be married.
We absolutely adored this gorgeous wedding and beautiful couple.  Thank you Allen & Jordyn for letting us share this amazing day with the two of you!  We know you will have a great & happy life together.  In the end, if you plan like Jordyn did, your wedding will be flawless, even when the unexpected comes up!

Haven’t fallen in love with a venue yet?  Book a tour with us today!

wedding venue TX/OK

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