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It’s the Week Before Wedding Day!

You are now approximately O N E week before wedding day!  Hang in there, bride – you are so, so close!

week before
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The week before wedding day can be a crucial window of time to finish things up. Let’s talk through how to best approach the coming week.

You’ve probably been dreaming of and planning for this day for quite a while! It makes sense that the last few days leading up to the wedding can feel a little overwhelming.

Many of our brides reach out to us during the week before wedding day + tell us they feel like they’re forgetting something.

Not an ideal way to feel when you’re trying to avoid stress, huh?

Well… that’s where we come in!

“Stressed out” is the last thing we want you to be the week before your wedding.
To combat that stress, we’ve put together a list of 24 things to remember to do the week before wedding day arrives.

Give the list below a quick read, finish up these few, final items, and then get ready to enjoy the biggest + best celebration of your life!
(Full list in one graphic at the bottom of the page to save to your phone!)

24 Things To Do the Week before Wedding Day:

week before wedding tip to break in your shoes
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Many brides buy brand new shoes for their wedding day. We fully support this! BUT as with any new pair of shoes, you’ve got to remember to break them in. Blisters are the L A S T thing you want to deal with on your wedding day. Throughout the week before your wedding, we suggest sliding those pretty shoes on as you begin knocking out a few chores around the house.

If you’re nervous about slipping in your new shoes on your wedding day, scuff up the soles with a piece of sandpaper or add a few lines of hot glue along the bottoms. Voila – no-slip soles!

PRO-TIP: Grab your fiance at some point during the week before the big day + practice dancing in your wedding shoes, even if it’s just once. It will make you feel 100x more confident during your first dance – promise!

week before wedding tip to check in with your coordinator and vendors
Photographer: AR Photography

We’re going to be honest – with this one, it’s probably better to OVER communicate, rather than under communicate. Even if you J U S T checked in with your coordinator + vendors, we suggest doing so one last time in the days leading up to your wedding. This will leave you sleeping better at night.

Keep them updated on any changes, see if there is anything else they need from you + confirm your finalized timeline, including their arrival times.

Also, go ahead + send them a little lovin’ via a thank you text or email. These people are going to work M A G I C for you on your wedding day. 🙂

week before wedding tip to gather gratuities for vendors
Photographer: Emily Nicole Photo

If there are certain vendors you plan on tipping, withdraw cash ahead of time + organize it into separate envelopes, each clearly marked as to which vendor it should go to.

Determine who will be in charge of getting these envelopes to the correct vendor at the close of your reception (typically your coordinator can do this, but a close family member or wedding party member would also suffice).

week before wedding tip to confirm wedding speeches
Photographer: Elizabeth Bristol Photography

Check in with everyone who will be giving a speech or toast at either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception + make sure they know they are on the timeline to do so.

We have wedding day nightmares about unprepared speeches. *Shudder* Checking in with all of your speech-givers beforehand ensures toasts all around of which dreams are made.

C h e e r s!  ¡S a l u d!  S a n t é!  P r o s t!

week before wedding tip to finalize vows
Photographer: Donny Tidmore Photography

If you will be writing your own vows, (which we love!) make sure you have these completed prior to your wedding day.

Once you have done so, go ahead + practice reading them out loud, as you don’t want to stumble over your words when you’re standing up at the ceremony site.

Practicing out loud will leave you feeling confident + sure of your words on the day of the wedding.

week before wedding tip to write letters to one another
Photographer: Markit Photography

Wedding day love letters are a tradition we hold near + dear to our hearts.

At some point during the week before wedding day, set aside a little alone time.  Write a letter to give to your groom while he’s getting ready on the big day.
(P.S. if you are wanting him to have one written for you as well, you might need to give him a heads up!)

If you plan on doing a First Look, exchanging letters just before is the perfect time to do so. If you won’t be seeing your groom until the ceremony, have your bridesmaids deliver the letter to his suite earlier in the day. 🙂

week before wedding tip to prepare for out of town guests
Venue: THE SPRINGS in McKinney (Tuscany Hill) | Photographer: Markit Photography

If you have guests coming in from out of town for the wedding, you may be providing welcome bags to greet them upon check-in at the hotel.

If so, prepare these bags or baskets during the week before + have them dropped off at the hotel, typically with the Director of Sales or with whoever set up your room block.

F U N  I D E A – include something local in the welcome bag. Local salsa. Local beer. Samples from your favorite bakery in town… something like that!

week before wedding tip to prepare gifts for wedding party
Photographer: Juliana Rose Photography

If you + your soon-to-be husband opted to do parent or wedding party gifts, make sure these are prepared + wrapped at some point during the week before wedding day.

It is completely up to you as to when you gift these presents to your favorite people. It could be during the evening of your rehearsal dinner or at some point during the next day, when your photographer is around to snag a few photos of their reactions.

We suggest writing a small thank you note to include alongside each gift, as both your parents + wedding party have likely been a strong force in getting you to this point… just a few days out from your wedding!

week before wedding tip to prepare a wedding day emergency kit
Photographer: Jennefer Wilson Photography

Prior to putting this kit together, reach out to your coordinator + see if they have one of their own. If not, this is the perfect job to delegate to your maid of honor or bridesmaids.

Your “wedding day emergency kit” should consist of any + all essentials you made need day-of (Band-aids, medicine, super glue, bobby pins, safety pins, etc.).

In addition, we’ve put together a list of the 25 most forgotten items on wedding days – give it a read + be sure to include the things you will need in your emergency kit!

week before wedding tip to delegate tasks
Venue: THE SPRINGS in Tulsa | Photographer: Holly Felts

Designate someone (typically a family member) who will be in charge of grabbing the card box + wedding gifts after the night concludes, loading them up in their car, and delivering the lot (at some point) to your home.

Choose someone you trust, and often someone with a big car, to get your gifts home safe + sound.

week before wedding tip to get marriage license
Photographer: Michelle Rice Photography

This is an important one! Ensure you have paid a visit to the county clerk’s office nearest you to pick up your marriage license.

In Texas, you can get your marriage license in any county + it will remain valid for 90 days. There is a 72-hour waiting period after you receive the license so be sure to plan ahead.

In Oklahoma, you can get your marriage license in any county + it will remain valid for 10 days. As long as you are over the age of 18, there is no waiting period.

week before wedding tip to get your nails done
Photographer: Emily Nicole Photo

Set some time aside (typically the day before the wedding, once everyone has gotten into town) for you + your girls to go and get your nails and toes done.

Confirm ahead of time how many people will be joining you + make an appointment so you don’t get stuck waiting for hours or worse, turned away.

Invite mamas, sisters, bridesmaids, etc. Whoever you want to spend a morning or afternoon relaxing with in preparation for the big day!

week before wedding tip to encourage groom to get haircut
Photographer: Dreamy Elk Photography + Design

We say “encourage” because we know that sometimes there’s just no convincing that sweet man of yours to do anything, BUT we do think wedding week calls for a nice, fresh trim. 🙂

Consider setting up an appointment for your groom + his guys to all get a cut and shave or beard trim together the week before wedding day.

This make for some fun, male-bonding time in the days leading up to the wedding celebration!

week before wedding tip to pack for the honeymoon
Photographer: Holli B. Photography

If you will be leaving for your honeymoon immediately following the wedding (or maybe the next day), go ahead + pack your bags for the trip.

We know you have enough on your to-do list as is, so we’ve got something for you – the complete guide to packing for the honeymoon. We hope having this checklist helps take a little stress off!

Once your honeymoon bags have been packed, designate someone who will be in charge of making sure they end up in the getaway car on the night of the wedding.

week before wedding tip to pack for wedding night
Venue: THE SPRINGS in McKinney (Tuscany Hill) | Photographer: Photobyjoy

In addition to packing for the honeymoon, we recommend packing a separate bag for the wedding night.

Keeping things separate (honeymoon luggage + wedding night bag) ensures that when you get to the honeymoon suite, you won’t have to fully unpack.

It will also save you time the next morning because you won’t have to repack anything. You will be good to go + ready to head to the airport!

week before wedding tip to pack wedding decor
Photographer: Brianna Record Photography

It’s nice to have all of your wedding decor organized, labeled, packed up, and ready to go prior to the morning of your wedding.

To make this easy for you, we’ve put together a guide to packing the car for the wedding.

Just as with the wedding gifts, designate someone (or a few someones) to be in charge of transporting the decor back to your home following your Grand Exit.

Make sure they grab the guest book + keep it somewhere safe until you return, as this is an often-forgotten-at-the-venue item.

week before wedding tip to send bridal party the wedding day timeline
Photographer: Kelcy Leigh Photography

Finalize your wedding day timeline + send a copy to the wedding party (definitely send to the bridesmaids, groomsmen are optional – haha).

Sending out the timeline will ensure everyone knows exactly when + where things will be happening. It should also help deflect any questions – “check the timeline!”

Share via email or take screenshots on your phone + send out in your bridesmaid group text.

week before wedding tip to delegate wedding day meals
Photographer: Jennefer Wilson Photography

It is so, so important to make sure you are eating throughout the day prior to your ceremony.

More often than not, lunchtime rolls around + you realize no one was in charge of picking something up or setting up a delivery. Put someone in charge of this ahead of time.

Reach out to your venue + ask for suggestions on local restaurants. They should have some good advice for you. 🙂

week before wedding tip to send shot list to your photographer
Photographer: Jennefer Wilson Photography

Touch base with your photographer the week before wedding day to avoid any miscommunication or awkwardness on the big day.

Keep in mind – you hired a professional photographer – it’s very important to trust them to be the pro. This advice is not to give them a list of every single. image. ever. Rather, to make it clear if there’s a special “must-have” photo that you can’t live without.

A short, simple document will do the trick and make it fresh on a photographer’s mind since it’s the week before wedding day.

Or, if there are family dynamics that the photographer should know about – like separated parents, family drama or a recent loss since you booked them.

It’ll help avoid awkward moments on wedding day and avoid disappointment because you didn’t get a cherished photo that you wanted.

Most photographers will know exactly which photos to get throughout the day (which takes all of the stress off of you – hooray!), but we suggest including any special or unique shots you would like to have (First Look, presenting special gifts to parents, etc.).

All of this will ensure family picture time after the ceremony is short + sweet, getting you to the reception (a.k.a. party!) much quicker!

week before wedding tip to gather items for style shoot

Photographer: Hannah Way Photography

Find a safe place (like a clear, plastic bin with a lid or a shoebox) to keep your shoes, jewelry, rings, ring boxes, invitation suites, and any other little details that your photographer will want to style + take photos of.

This will help save time on the day of the wedding + will keep everything organized, not only for your photographer, but also for yourself.

Searching for these items on your wedding day can be very time-consuming… this will ensure all of your important details are in one, safe place. 🙂

week before wedding tip to go on one last date together
Photographer: Hannah Way Photography

This can be a hard one because we get it – the week before wedding day can make you feel a little crazy. Even so, we do think it’s important. 🙂

Set aside some time to spend together, one-on-one. Feel free to go big + live it up or just stay at home + enjoy a little downtime before the whirlwind of a weekend ahead.

Whatever you do, take the time to connect + get excited together about your upcoming Best Day Ever because trust us… it will FLY by!

week before wedding tip to stay hydrated
Photographer: Hannah Way Photography

Honestly, drink as much water as you can the week before wedding day. Why? Because it’s good for you!

Staying hydrated will help keep your skin clear + glowing, which is exactly how you want it to look on the big day.

It will also keep you feeling energized!

week before wedding tip to get rest
Photographer: Emily Nicole Photo

Rest?? The week before wedding day??

Try to – as much as you can, at least. 🙂

Your wedding weekend is going to be a W H I R L W I N D. Try to get to some extra sleep the week before where you can.

week before wedding tip to enjoy the moment
Photographer: Kristen Curette Photography

Breathe + enjoy. Easy to say, hard to do – we know. 🙂

Everyone says it, but it’s because it’s true – your wedding day will come + go far more quickly than you can imagine. So our best advice? Be present + enjoy it!

Hiccups will probably happen + that’s okay. We like to say that every wedding that ends in you marrying your best friend is a successful wedding.

One week out – you’re almost there! Breathe. Enjoy. Go marry the love of your life!

Full list below. Screenshot + save to your phone for optimal “week before” planning!

things to do the week before wedding day
PRO TIP: Save to your phone or PIN this checklist!

And if you’re not quite one week before wedding day…
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Written by Rylee Rosales

Rylee Rosales

Rylee is the Content Marketing Strategist for THE SPRINGS. She was formerly the Venue Assistant Manager at THE SPRINGS in Weatherford and was married August 2017 at THE SPRINGS in Denton. She has seen hundreds of weddings and planned her own in just six short months.

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